Experimenting With Resin

Looking for new things to try, I bought resin about a month ago with molds. Like anything, I put it off to the side and decided to work on my sketches and drawings.

Teal Resin Ring.

Earlier this week, I finally decided to go for it and try it out. Since yesterday (Saturday September 5th, 2020), I decided to make some rings with this slightly stinky, beautiful material. These are just a few of the rings I modeled on my finger to show. The following rings I’m showing here are made with a white resin finish, sparkle, and ink.

Teal Resin Ring Up Close.
Indigo Resin Ring.
Indigo Resin Ring Up Close.
Striations Resin Ring.
Striations Resin Ring Up Close.
Mermaid Resin Ring.
Mermaid Resin Ring Up Close.

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