Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022

Cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner, to having a good Christmas, and saying goodbye to 2021. Here’s to a fresh, new, start for 2022 with cleaning up my website, ready to share my Etsy shop, and new blog posts. In spite of not posting for a little while, here’s a small paragraph as to what’s been going on in my life.

1st sunset January 2022 in the backyard. Niskayuna, New York.

My life has been good, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned is life is precious and never take anything for granted. Balancing life as an artist and taking care of my parents sums up the story of my life. Grateful for having good parents, it’s my turn to help out. I’ve had my agitated moments and we all do with taking care of them and how we agree on some things and not so well on others. Mom and dad of course are grateful for my help, but they wish I had a better life.

1st sunset January 2022 in the backyard. Niskayuna, New York.

Taking road trips to the doctor’s office, I’ve been either bringing a small sketchbook, yarn and a crochet hook, or using my i-phone to research ideas for drawing, sketches, and art. Not able to show much right now with a life full of chaos, I’m showing pictures that I take when I walk my Ginger (my dog) around the block. I also believe that photography is a part of art as well.

Autumn 2021

In spite of working on new projects mostly at the doctors office with taking care of my parents, coming up with new project ideas and recipes at home autumn 2021 has been going by so fast.

With the holidays approaching quick, I’m happy to say that I’m preparing my first Thanksgiving dinner for me and my parents. Looking forward to sharing some photos and recipes with you all.

With day to day activities, one of my favorite things to do with some spare time is to walk my dog Ginger around the block. Here are some photos from my album “walking”.

Wooly Bear.

Summer 2021

Hello September 2021, summer was filled with new ideas, dreams, and some goals reached. Thinking about a hobby I like and turning it into a side job for the summer. Here’s some of the things I did with the summer. Dreaming of a dream garden in the backyard at home in Upstate New York, here’s the beginning of the garden in the Prock family.

Photo Of The Day

Driving to Gloversville to work at The Micropolis on Monday August 23rd, 2021, this is one of my favorite buildings to drive by when heading into Montgomery County. An old building with a broken window or two, four smoke stacks, by the train tracks, and in front of the water. Driving into Amsterdam, it’s hard to take a clear picture, but driving back from Gloversville, it’s easier.

Summer 2021 has been a world full of crazy, some good days, and trying to reach some goals. View my summer in the next few days.

Back In Gloversville

Today for the first time since COVID-19 and being a caretaker for my parents I went back up to The Micropolis for the first time. It was nice to see everyone, get out of the house, and enjoying the drive through the country and seeing nature. Micropolis did something a little different for the art gallery, Instead of having one featured artist, they decided to have artists-students from Gloversville High School. What a beautiful way to help young artists get started and show the amazing talents they have. Below is these talented students.

Hello June

Well the warm weather is definitely here in upstate New York along with the colors, rain showers and thunderstorms. Here some flowers and clouds I grabbed a quick snapshot of at home and doing errands on Friday.

Fuchsia Rose Not
Quite Ready To Open
Fuchsia Rose Almost
Ready To Open
Fuchsia Rose
Opened Up
Red Roses
Life is always good when there’s heart shape clouds in the sky.
Life is always good when there’s heart shape clouds in the sky.

Spring 2021: In Full Bloom I-Phone Photography From Home

Nothing like bringing your i-phone everywhere you go to capture some colorful moments around, even if it’s at your house. Here’s some flowers from all around the front and backyard of my parents house.

Rodidedroms Closed
Rodidedroms Opened Up.
Red Azaleas
Irises In The Backyard
Irises In The Backyard
Irises In The Backyard
Irises In The Backyard
Irises In The Backyard
Irises In The Backyard