Autumn 2021

In spite of working on new projects mostly at the doctors office with taking care of my parents, coming up with new project ideas and recipes at home autumn 2021 has been going by so fast. With the holidays approaching quick, I’m happy to say that I’m preparing my first […]

Summer 2021

Hello September 2021, summer was filled with new ideas, dreams, and some goals reached. Thinking about a hobby I like and turning it into a side job for the summer. Here’s some of the things I did with the summer. Dreaming of a dream garden in the backyard at home […]

Photo Of The Day

Driving to Gloversville to work at The Micropolis on Monday August 23rd, 2021, this is one of my favorite buildings to drive by when heading into Montgomery County. An old building with a broken window or two, four smoke stacks, by the train tracks, and in front of the water. […]