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Past And Present

April Showers Bring May Flowers, April Feels More Like Winter

In Niskayuna New York it feels more like winter coming to an end and spring just barely starting.  What has mother nature done with spring?  We’ve had some sunny days, few semi warm days, and more snow days.  This time of the year I love cleaning up outside.  I hope spring comes soon with some warm weather to go with the sunshine.  With a little sunshine and warmth, I’ll be able to plan my garden and walk Ginger.

Past And Present

Ever since going to a wake last Tuesday night for my mom’s Aunt Jean, this week it’s been looking at old photographs and organizing these old photographs for safe keeping.  I pulled out about 200 old photographs from both my mom’s side of the family and my dad’s side of the family. Within the mix of 200 photographs I pulled out to reorganize, I also found some pictures of mom and dad’s college days. I found some shipping envelopes and bought a marker and labels to pack these photographs and label every one of envelopes.

My mom’s Aunt Josephine was always organized and meticulous about how everything was in it’s place.  I said to my parents, that’s how I want to be.  It’ll take a long time to get there, but I’m going to do it.  Parts of these photographs made me think about when I was a kid and how I used to spend time with my Grandma, and some parts made me think of how I was grateful to have the time I had with her. When she occupied her chair she brought a lot of delight to a room.

Quick And Easy Chicken With Asian Vegetables: by Lauren Prock

Cooking Time: 10 minutes

1 Rotisserie Chicken (Purchased From Your Local Grocery Store)

2 Bags Of Bird’s Eye Steam Fresh Asian Medley Vegetables (Frozen Vegetable Section At Your Local Grocery Store)

Vegetable Dumplings (Optional)

Turkey Platter

Take rotisserie chicken out of the fridge and leave in the bag it comes in.  Place bag with chicken in the microwave for two minutes.  When two minutes is up, take out of the microwave and open bag.  Pull skin off the chicken and pull chicken apart leaving the bones behind.  Place all of your chicken on a turkey platter.

For the steam fresh vegetables, open bag a little bit and place in the microwave.  Cooking instructions are on the back, so read carefully.  When both bags of vegetables are done cooking, place on the turkey platter with chicken.  Drizzle some sauce on the top of the chicken and vegetables and enjoy.

Note: Vegetable Dumplings were leftovers with dumpling sauce.  

If you wish to have vegetable dumplings, stop by your local Chinese Restaurant, or simply buy at the grocery store.





Beautiful, But Deadly

Happy September and looking forward to a beautiful Fall. Took pictures of these beautiful, but deadly mushrooms in my backyard at home in Niskayuna New York. Still moving our business from Schenectady back home to Niskayuna. Had more things to move then we thought. Looking forward to bringing the business back to our home studio and being able to focus on our online shopping business. See us move back to our home studio at the end of September. 

March Madness

With mother nature fooling us the last two weeks, we’ve had warm weather, and it’s right back to feeling winter with temperatures that are below zero.  Not to complain about Upstate New York, but as I get older, the more I can’t stand winter.  Wanting spring so badly, I wore sandals for a few days.  Now I’m right back to wearing a closed shoe.

With a few more weeks of winter, it’s time to think about spring, flowers, fashion items, and painted items from Sow’s Ear Studio.  Figuring out with doing knit, crochet, or both knit and crochet, I’ve been coming up with some new baby blanket and blanket ideas for the home, along with table runners, rugs, scarves, and shawls.  Cowls will be worked on this summer and will be presented for the fall.

New handmade items are also in the works for both Sow’s Ear Studio and Where’s The Yarn.  Items include painted candle jars with poured candles by Rosemary and Lauren Prock.  Ever since helping out a friend with his daughter’s school, I forgot what it was like to burn candles and the lovely fragrance that comes with burning the candles.  I’m currently doing research on types of candle wax, fragrances, and designs for the outside of the candle jars.  It seems to me that soy and palm waxes are the most popular with candles.  See these candles come alive with Rosemary and Lauren this spring and summer.  Purchase these handmade pieces on Where’s The Yarn’s etsy shop, Sow’s Ear Studio’s etsy shop, and Sow’s Ear Studio shop in Schenectady.

Sow's Ear Studio And Gallery

Back open after our March Madness snow storm. Rosemary and Lauren are so looking forward to spring and some color outside.

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