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Shared Tweet: March Is National Craft Month

My apologies for not posting in the month of February. My parents had some work done in the house, and all my attention was helping them out. Looking at my favorite yarn shop, I noticed that it was National Craft Month, so drop a comment and say what you’re gonna do for National Craft Month. My Etsy shop is back open and I’m working on new handmade items for my Etsy shop, blog, and on Facebook. Stay tuned for new things to come and of course, think Spring.


March Madness

With mother nature fooling us the last two weeks, we’ve had warm weather, and it’s right back to feeling winter with temperatures that are below zero.  Not to complain about Upstate New York, but as I get older, the more I can’t stand winter.  Wanting spring so badly, I wore sandals for a few days.  Now I’m right back to wearing a closed shoe.

With a few more weeks of winter, it’s time to think about spring, flowers, fashion items, and painted items from Sow’s Ear Studio.  Figuring out with doing knit, crochet, or both knit and crochet, I’ve been coming up with some new baby blanket and blanket ideas for the home, along with table runners, rugs, scarves, and shawls.  Cowls will be worked on this summer and will be presented for the fall.

New handmade items are also in the works for both Sow’s Ear Studio and Where’s The Yarn.  Items include painted candle jars with poured candles by Rosemary and Lauren Prock.  Ever since helping out a friend with his daughter’s school, I forgot what it was like to burn candles and the lovely fragrance that comes with burning the candles.  I’m currently doing research on types of candle wax, fragrances, and designs for the outside of the candle jars.  It seems to me that soy and palm waxes are the most popular with candles.  See these candles come alive with Rosemary and Lauren this spring and summer.  Purchase these handmade pieces on Where’s The Yarn’s etsy shop, Sow’s Ear Studio’s etsy shop, and Sow’s Ear Studio shop in Schenectady.

Sow's Ear Studio And Gallery

Back open after our March Madness snow storm. Rosemary and Lauren are so looking forward to spring and some color outside.

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