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  • A Trip Down Memory Lane With Tablet Drawings
    ​Ever since this talent I have had surfaced years later, I’ve been working hard with my tablet and sketch book. Now after discovering that I can draw, I figured it was time that I did… More
  • Rest In Peace RBG meets RGB — Polymer Clay Daily
    Originally posted on LMProck’s Inspiration Portfolio:
    This picture was just what I needed. Polymer clay shows up on the US Supreme Court in the form of Kathleen Dustin and Ruth Bader Ginsberg at the…
  • A Trip Down Memory Lane
    Looking back from a year ago on the polymer clay jewelry I’ve made. Looking forward to making more and adding this to my handmade business. 
  • Experimenting With Resin
    Looking for new things to try, I bought resin about a month ago with molds. Like anything, I put it off to the side and decided to work on my sketches and drawings. Earlier this… More
  • When’s The Last Time?
    For the last few months with the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been asking myself these questions. It’s been a long hall for everyone that’s known someone who’s had this or worse yet.. These are the questions… More
  • Camping On The Beach In My Heart
    Thinking about lots of things, missing lots of things in my life after turning 42 on Tuesday, there’s one thing I truly miss and that’s camping. If there’s one kind of camping I’ve always wanted… More
  • New Listing
  • Heart Greetings And Prints
    Who else besides me is tired of COVID-19, wearing a mask, not being able to go to a restaurant, little own even being able to go out? Wish they’d come out with a vaccine soon.… More
  • Funky Clock
    Nothing soothes the soul like doing something you love to do. Gradually getting back into what Rosemary loves to do, she decided to paint this large … Funky Clock
  • Clementine Orange/Honey Salmon, Mashed Cauliflower, & Mango
    Salmon filets are the quickest thing to prepare for lunch or dinner. Add a simple side dish, and you’re all set. 1 Package Of Salmon Filets. Two Clementine Oranges, Sliced. Pepper. Honey. Bird’s Eye Steam… More
  • White Admiral Butterfly
    While prepping the front porch for repainting on Friday July 17th, 2020, this beautiful White Admiral Butterfly landed in front of me. Photography is one of the greatest forms of art.
  • A Look Back Three Years Ago
    They always say, move forward, but I have to tell you looking at photographs of memories always makes you smile. It reminds you what happened back then, and how far you’ve come.
  • Mango/Ginger Pork Chops With Southwest Pasta
    Quick, easy, delicious. If you have something leftover in the fridge, turn it into something extraordinary. I had plain fettuccine in the fridge and added a bag of Bird’s Eye Steam Fresh Vegetables Southwest Blend.… More
  • Delightful Heart Kaleidoscopes
    Getting into the kaleidoscope drawing app I downloaded on my phone and tablet, these Kaleidoscopes are fun and exciting. Experimenting the app, I discovered how you can create hearts. Here’s three heart Kaleidoscopes I created… More
  • Kaleidoscope Drawings On Tablet
    As an artist, I love the traditional piece of paper, pencil, eraser, and marker for making cards and frameable items, but after discovering these kaleidoscope drawing apps on my Amazon tablet, now I’m able to… More
  • Stamped With Love
    Looking at new and exciting ways to make greeting cards, I decided to stamp it. Stamp it with a simple ink, like black and fill in the rest with some color. It’s also giving me… More
  • Dancing Cone Flowers
    Hello summer, birthdays, house warming gifts, and much more with these lovely dancing coneflower drawings made by LMProck. With summer here, working on new product, and getting ready to open my Etsy shop soon, life… More
  • Cards From The Heart
    Make a statement with a handmade greeting card. Write what your heart desires on the inside. This card was custom made for a neighbor on Mother’s Day.
  • Quote The Day
    ​”No matter how much you won, you can’t fix what you lost” From Hallmark Movies And Mysteries: Sign, Sealed, Delivered. 
  • Happy Cinco De Mayo, To Everyone Who’s Born On This Day…
  • Sunflower With A Little Teal
    Say hello to my newest artwork for my portfolio, rock art. Sunflowers and teal are my favorite along with other designs in the works. See these handmade pieces of art on my Etsy shop soon.… More
  • Things To Do During Quarantine
    Originally posted on LMProck’s Inspiration Portfolio:
    Feeling bored during quarantine with the coronavirus. Find something that you like to do or try something new with these videos from Youtube. Lion Bran Yarn…
  • 2020 Rhododendrons Blooming
    2020 blooms, finally some color around to brighten things up.
  • From Photograph To Drawing
    It’s nice to be able to take an old photograph, new photograph, or a photograph you’ve taken during the day and be able to draw it. This photograph was taken during a walk around the… More
  • Out With The Old, In With The New
    With getting a fresh new start on my blog, I figured it was time to retire my “Ball” jar banner just on my blog. Say hello to my new banner for my blog. A nice… More
  • French Toast And Fresh Fruit For Dinner
    Nothing like a good old classic, breakfast for dinner. French toast, fresh strawberries, blueberries, mango, and the rest of the eggs from making the french toast. Maple syrup on top of the French toast. Depending… More
  • Still Life Drawing Ideas
    If there’s one thing in life I’ve learned, there’s always a “honey to do” list. Well in this case, living with my parents, there’s a “daughter to do” list. Mom had been asking for months… More
  • Orange Chicken Thighs
    Easy makes me happy when cooking dinner at night after a long day. These delicious chicken thighs with Bird’s Eye Steam fresh vegetables and mango will do just that. 1 package of frozen chicken thighs.… More
  • Neapolitan Ice Cream Cone
    Under quarantine, you crave things you shouldn’t have, here’s my craving.
  • Whole New Look
    Blog posts dedicated to day and life, portfolio dedicated to handmade items. In spite of being quarantined with the coronavirus, not able to go out much, time to do my magic with my handmade items.… More
  • Quarantined, Trying Not To Feel Bored
    Washing my hands for 20 seconds, washing everything with Clorox, Lysol, and Windex, and almost feeling like a bump on a log sitting on the couch working on the computer, drawing, and crochet. Talking to… More
  • Rustic Love Card
    Made with a rustic twist, this handmade sunflower greeting/note card with make some smile in every way. Find greeting cards like these on my Etsy shop, stay tune.
  • Sunflower Love Note Card
    Write what your heart desires with my handmade, blank greeting/note cards. All greeting cards can be found on my Etsy shop, stay tuned.