Orange Chicken Thighs

Easy makes me happy when cooking dinner at night after a long day. These delicious chicken thighs with Bird’s Eye Steam fresh vegetables and mango will do just that.

1 package of frozen chicken thighs.

1/3 cup of orange juice.




Pam Coconut Cooking Spray.

Frying Pan.

In a frying pan, spray a thin coat of cooking spray, add your orange juice, salt, pepper, and a drizzle of honey on with the orange juice mixture.

Flatten out chicken thighs in frying pan, so they cook evenly. Place a lid on the top of the frying pan for about ten minutes.

Remove lid and flip chicken let chicken cook for about five minutes without the lid. Flip chicken again and place lid back on the top of the frying pan and cook for about five-six minutes.

When chicken is done cooking move frying pan to another burner and keep lid on.

Choose any vegetable you like when making this chicken recipe. I prefer Bird’s Eye Steam Fresh Mashed Cauliflower and Steam Fresh Sweet Potatoes with Delmonte diced mangos.

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