Shared Tweet: March Is National Craft Month

My apologies for not posting in the month of February. My parents had some work done in the house, and all my attention was helping them out. Looking at my favorite yarn shop, I noticed that it was National Craft Month, so drop a comment and say what you’re gonna do for National Craft Month. My Etsy shop is back open and I’m working on new handmade items for my Etsy shop, blog, and on Facebook. Stay tuned for new things to come and of course, think Spring.

One thought on “Shared Tweet: March Is National Craft Month

  1. I’ve been steadily adding items to my own Etsy shop ( – I’d love to see your shop, too!) and working on learning more about SEOs on there. I’m a struggling’ Etsy shop – so hard to be seen! Anyway – I treat every month like National Craft Month. I love to spend a weekend day tinkering around with ideas. Whether it’s something along the lines of what I have up on Etsy or something completely new ~ it’s just a great way to wind down. I hope to learn how to make burlap flowers here soon.

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