A Look Back Three Years Ago

They always say, move forward, but I have to tell you looking at photographs of memories always makes you smile. It reminds you what happened back then, and how far you’ve come.


Mango/Ginger Pork Chops With Southwest Pasta

Quick, easy, delicious. If you have something leftover in the fridge, turn it into something extraordinary. I had plain fettuccine in the fridge and added a bag of Bird’s Eye Steam Fresh Vegetables Southwest Blend. Add pork chops or any type of meat your heart desires to this meal. If you don’t have leftover fettuccine, add another leftover side dish.

1 Package Of Pork Chops.

Leftover fettuccine or any side dish you desire.



Drizzle Of Honey.

Splash Of Ginger Ale.

Splash Of Mango Juice.

Pam Cooking Spray.

In a frying pan, spray a coat of Pam cooking spray in pan. Add salt, pepper, honey, ginger ale, and mango juice. Add pork chops in frying pan and cook accordingly. Flip pork chops when needed.

Prepare your side dish or leftover side dishes and enjoy.

Delightful Heart Kaleidoscopes

Getting into the kaleidoscope drawing app I downloaded on my phone and tablet, these Kaleidoscopes are fun and exciting. Experimenting the app, I discovered how you can create hearts. Here’s three heart Kaleidoscopes I created this morning. See these kaleidoscopes on mugs and more soon.

Kaleidoscope Drawings On Tablet

As an artist, I love the traditional piece of paper, pencil, eraser, and marker for making cards and frameable items, but after discovering these kaleidoscope drawing apps on my Amazon tablet, now I’m able to spread my wings even more. These kaleidoscope drawings are fun and exciting, and I’m looking forward to putting them on cards, mugs, and for frameable art. Here’s just a few items that I made over the weekend.

Stamped With Love

Looking at new and exciting ways to make greeting cards, I decided to stamp it. Stamp it with a simple ink, like black and fill in the rest with some color. It’s also giving me a chance to try to carve some of my own stamps for greeting cards with my own name on them. View more greeting cards like these and some handmade carved stamps.

Sunflower With A Little Teal

Say hello to my newest artwork for my portfolio, rock art. Sunflowers and teal are my favorite along with other designs in the works. See these handmade pieces of art on my Etsy shop soon. Becoming fascinated with rock art, spirituality, and quotes, these pieces of art will be a great part of your home.