Spring 2021

Happy belated spring friends. Been busy with art, taking care of my parents, and working on my new shop right here on my website. Life’s been a juggling act, but good. Looking forward to uploading new items for sale right here and on my Etsy account. Here’s to the rest of Spring and the beginning of summer 2021. Here’s some new rock art drawings from rocks in my yard and from walking around the block.

Sunflower Art
Daisy Dot Art
Coneflower Art
Leaf/Branch Art

Featured Artist Linda Hinkle For January And February 2021

If you’re in the Gloversville, New York area and happen to be on N. Main Street, be sure to stop in Micropolis Cooperative Art Gallery and check out the featured artist for the month of January and February 2021. Featured artist is Linda Hinkle of Johnstown, New York and has some unique art. Grab a nice gift from one of our other artists in the gallery. Have a nice cup of coffee and grab a bite to eat inside. Here’s some of the art.

New Year’s Day Surprise

Wanted to make this a seperate post to ring in 2021 and what a wonderful surprise this was on Friday morning. Here’s to a new and exciting 2021.

Happy New Year 2021, nothing makes me smile more when I see a doe walking around in the backyard. #lmprock #ramblingsaboutartandlife

Doe roaming around New Year’s Day morning. Friday January 1st, 2021.
Roaming a tad closer. Friday January 1st, 2021.
Now I’m ready for the i-phone camera, Friday January 1st, 2021.

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

Heroes Work Here Flag. Photo taken while my dad was receiving radiation treatment at St. Peter’s Hospital. Albany, New York.

2020 was the most awful year. With COVID-19, over 1/2 a million deaths throughout the United States, local businesses shutting down, it just makes me sick. Now that there’s a vaccine, hopefully things will get better. Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday, and here’s to a prosperous new year. Looking forward to working on new, handmade items, and more in the year 2021. Working on a new artjournal, hearts, & graphic design items. Looking forward to showing you.

Michelle Obama gifted Barack Obama a Valentino Dixon original for Christmas

Michelle Obama gifted Barack Obama a Valentino Dixon original for Christmas

Michelle Obama gifted Barack Obama a Valentino Dixon original for Christmas

— Read on golfweek.usatoday.com/2020/12/26/barack-obama-michelle-obama-valentino-dixon-augusta-drawing/

Getting into golf and all it’s glory. Going outside and communting with nature. Looking on my reader’s feed, this blog post from golf week appealed to me because of the golf course artwork.

Homemade Chili

Let’s get the comfort food going. Homemade chili, sour cream, guacamole, and tortilla chips. Add what you want, leave out what you want.

1 Small Package Of Ground Beef, 93% Fat.

1 Small Package Of Ground Turkey.

1 Small Package Of Ground Chicken.

I added the ground chicken and turkey to reduce the fat from the ground beef, this your meal, add what your heart desires.

1 Red Bell Pepper Chopped.

1 Green Bell Pepper Chopped.

2 Plum Tomatoes Chopped.

2 Bags Of Bird’s Eye Steam Fresh Vegetables, Southwest Blend.

These bags are a life saver because the beans, lentils, corn, and red pepper is in the mix along with a mild Southwest sauce. Read instructions on bag for cooking time.

Salt & Pepper For Taste.


In a large saucepan, cook your ground meat and add some salt and pepper if desired, cook meat thoroughly.

Add your chopped peppers, tomatoes, and Southwest blend mix after cooked in the microwave. Mix ingredients together well and enjoy.

Add On Items

Doritos Tortilla Chips.

Sour Cream.



Taco Shells.

Autumn 2020, A Work Of Art

Autumn always amazes me with the colors outside & the comfortable temperatures. Inspired by the photos and creating drawings is my favorite thing to do. With the colors at their peak, I figured I’d better grab some snapshots before the leaves fall off the trees.

Walking around the block and finding the unique leaf on the ground is another thing that inspires me. Walking around the block with Ginger (my dog) is another thing I like to do. The crispy air, crunching leaves, and no humidity. Nature is a work of art all around, here’s autumn. Hope you enjoy the photos I’ve taken.

A Trip Down Memory Lane With Tablet Drawings

​Ever since this talent I have had surfaced years later, I’ve been working hard with my tablet and sketch book. Now after discovering that I can draw, I figured it was time that I did my own logo for business cards and other things. I’d like to welcome you to my new logo for LMProck. It’s my version of a bohemian daisy at midnight. Made 2years ago.