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Shared Memories: For the love New York Lunch

Originally posted on Gloversville Arts:
Written by guest blogger Jessica Henry McClements ? ? Close your eyes. Take a moment to relax and breathe in and out a few times. Now, imagine. You hear the clinking of glass. The smell of onions sizzling on a grill starts to fill your nose. You can hear someone saying “two dogs with the works please.” Next to you, someone is pouring coffee. Can you smell French fries fresh up from a fryer? Can you hear the soft humming sounds of a refrigerator? There is steam wafting through the air. The soft tinkling of forks and knives can be heard throughout. Open your eyes. What did you see? Where were you in that moment? If you were thinking of your favorite diner then you’re in the right place. For me, that would be New York Lunch on Bleecker Street in Gloversville. I have been eating at New York Lunch since I was a small child. My grandparents would take me shopping for new shoes at Rossbach’s or to pick…

Featured Artist – Bolduc Claude – Artist Portfolio Magazine — Artist Portfolio Magazine

  Featured Artist Bolduc Claude – Quebec, CanadaInstagram Claude Bolduc was born in Alma, Quebec (Canada) on the 1st of January 1955. On January 4th 1987, birthday of the primitive painter Arthur Villeneuve (Claude Bolduc’s first mentor), Claude begins to paint as a self-taught artist. At this time, the painter stages his own memories and political… via Featured Artist – Bolduc Claude – Artist Portfolio Magazine — Artist Portfolio Magazine

Art Is Life

Art is life, life is art. Nature (winter, spring, summer, fall), nudity, color, black and white, in reality, canvas, print, photography, drawing, sketch, pottery, glass, and wood.  Art is all around us.  How you view art is up to you. Whether it’s in real life (reality) or hung on the wall, or on your table, art is the spice of life. Give a comment and say what your favorite type of art is.

It’s In The Blood Lines

Hidden Talent With moving out of the shop 10 months ago and cleaning up mom’s studio at home, I discovered a talent that I have and completely shut out since I 12-13 years old.  Mom found this huge brief case filled with drawings that I did in high school.  It took me a while to realize that I created these drawings and paintings, then it hit me like a ton of bricks that I actually did create these paintings and drawings.  I never really realized how good I was until I found some scrap paper and started to draw some things.  Realizing that I have a part of my mother’s drawing talent, I can create some great things on my own.  For example, I created this new logo above with a sketch app on my Amazon tablet.  It’s called a bohemian flower at midnight.  Being able to spread my wings and not only doing crochet, this is great.  Below this paragraph, is more drawings that I’ve created in the last couple of weeks, along with …