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Featured Shop: Tennessee Fiber Farm — Etsy Journal

From the back porch of her Tennessee farmhouse, Kacie Lynn can pretty easily keep an eye on all the members of her small-scale sustainable textile operation, Tennessee Fiber Farm. There’s Mrs. Brown, socializing near the front with some visitors; Clementine, casually taking (yet another) snack break; and dutiful Jude and Alice, keeping everyone in line.…

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How To Be A Hooker


Go Back to School with 10 Free Moogly Crochet Patterns — Red Heart Blog

It’s time to go Back to School with Moogly – and 10 free crochet patterns! collage photo – please see email On Moogly I love sharing free crochet patterns – and as a mom, I’m always designing things for my kids! Now that it’s back to school, it’s time to think about what they’ll need this…

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Quote Of The Day

Everything Has A Beginning.

Let The Wonder Of Your Spell Begin At Home.

Quote Of The Day

“No matter what you wear, no matter how much makeup, no matter how your hair looks, it’s what’s on the inside that makes you who you are”.

The Ripl Effect

With looking for new marketing tools for blogging and Etsy, I love trying to things. One day on Facebook, I came across this cool video app named Ripl. Add photos and make a video doesn’t get any better then that. Check out some new scrunchies that have been placed on my Etsy shop.

Curd Your Enthusiasm — Work, Play and Chardonnay

Do you find the title of this post totally cheesy? Well…I am always trying to find a whey to make a Gouda pun. Somewhere Momica is groaning… I have to admit that my wordsmithing is going to be stronger than the scent of Limburger cheese as I write about the “Calling All Cheese Lovers: A…

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