Whole New Look

Blog posts dedicated to day and life, portfolio dedicated to handmade items. In spite of being quarantined with the coronavirus, not able to go out much, time to do my magic with my handmade items.

View new items from my Etsy shop on my portfolio page as well. Look at prices, shipping costs, and of course the product. Etsy shop has been placed on vacation, and once the dust settles with this coronavirus and dad getting better, I’ll be uploading items to my Etsy shop soon. Blog posts will get bigger in the paragraph department, right now I’m focusing on getting the rest of my website finished.

Quarantined, Trying Not To Feel Bored

Washing my hands for 20 seconds, washing everything with Clorox, Lysol, and Windex, and almost feeling like a bump on a log sitting on the couch working on the computer, drawing, and crochet.

Talking to family on the phone, my dad being sick in the hospital and not able to visit him because hospitals on lockdown, life has been rough and upside down.

With being quarantined for the last couple of weeks with this coronavirus outbreak, not going out much other then to the grocery store and maybe the occasional art supplies.

Putting life back together, I’ve been rethinking my whole blog/website.

Wanting to put my focus more on my artwork, I’ve decided to wipe the slate clean and make a fresh start with my blog.

All my artwork photos are listed in my new art portfolio, recipes will be listed with my food portfolio, and all life posts will be displayed on my blog with new projects.

If I write posts like these, you’ll see a photo of something that makes me happy!