Homemade Chili

Let’s get the comfort food going. Homemade chili, sour cream, guacamole, and tortilla chips. Add what you want, leave out what you want.

1 Small Package Of Ground Beef, 93% Fat.

1 Small Package Of Ground Turkey.

1 Small Package Of Ground Chicken.

I added the ground chicken and turkey to reduce the fat from the ground beef, this your meal, add what your heart desires.

1 Red Bell Pepper Chopped.

1 Green Bell Pepper Chopped.

2 Plum Tomatoes Chopped.

2 Bags Of Bird’s Eye Steam Fresh Vegetables, Southwest Blend.

These bags are a life saver because the beans, lentils, corn, and red pepper is in the mix along with a mild Southwest sauce. Read instructions on bag for cooking time.

Salt & Pepper For Taste.


In a large saucepan, cook your ground meat and add some salt and pepper if desired, cook meat thoroughly.

Add your chopped peppers, tomatoes, and Southwest blend mix after cooked in the microwave. Mix ingredients together well and enjoy.

Add On Items

Doritos Tortilla Chips.

Sour Cream.



Taco Shells.

Clementine Orange/Honey Salmon, Mashed Cauliflower, & Mango

Salmon filets are the quickest thing to prepare for lunch or dinner. Add a simple side dish, and you’re all set.

1 Package Of Salmon Filets.

Two Clementine Oranges, Sliced.



Bird’s Eye Steam Fresh Mashed Cauliflower, Sour Cream & Chive, Or Any Side Dish You Desire.

Delmonte Sliced Mangos.

Clementine Orange For Garnish.

Pam Cooking Spray.


In a frying pan or griddle, spray Pam Cooking Spray and squeeze two oranges on the cooking spray, add as much pepper as you like. Place salmon filets in frying pan or griddle and saute until cooked. Slice one clementine orange for garnish when salmon is done cooking.

For Bird’s Eye Steam Fresh Mashed Cauliflower, I cook for five minutes with plastic film on top. After five minutes, I peel film off and cook for the rest of the seven minutes. When cauliflower is done cooking, remove from microwave and add a tablespoon of butter on top.

If you don’t like mashed cauliflower, add any side dish you like.

Add Delmonte mango on the side with orange slice and enjoy!

Mango/Ginger Pork Chops With Southwest Pasta

Quick, easy, delicious. If you have something leftover in the fridge, turn it into something extraordinary. I had plain fettuccine in the fridge and added a bag of Bird’s Eye Steam Fresh Vegetables Southwest Blend. Add pork chops or any type of meat your heart desires to this meal. If you don’t have leftover fettuccine, add another leftover side dish.

1 Package Of Pork Chops.

Leftover fettuccine or any side dish you desire.



Drizzle Of Honey.

Splash Of Ginger Ale.

Splash Of Mango Juice.

Pam Cooking Spray.

In a frying pan, spray a coat of Pam cooking spray in pan. Add salt, pepper, honey, ginger ale, and mango juice. Add pork chops in frying pan and cook accordingly. Flip pork chops when needed.

Prepare your side dish or leftover side dishes and enjoy.

French Toast And Fresh Fruit For Dinner

Nothing like a good old classic, breakfast for dinner. French toast, fresh strawberries, blueberries, mango, and the rest of the eggs from making the french toast. Maple syrup on top of the French toast. Depending on how many people your feeding, here’s the ingredients for making the French toast.

Sour Dough Bread Or Any Bread You Desire.

2 Cracked Eggs Scrambled To Start, Add More Eggs As Needed.

Pam Cooking Spray, I Prefer The Coconut Spray.

Frying Pan Or Griddle.

Add cooking spray to frying pan or griddle and place one peace of bread at at time to scrambled egg mixture and place on pan or griddle. Cook for about two-three minutes on each side and place on serving platter. Add the fruit that I have on my list or any fruit you desire. Enjoy for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Suggested Side Items: Breakfast sausage or bacon.

Orange Chicken Thighs

Easy makes me happy when cooking dinner at night after a long day. These delicious chicken thighs with Bird’s Eye Steam fresh vegetables and mango will do just that.

1 package of frozen chicken thighs.

1/3 cup of orange juice.




Pam Coconut Cooking Spray.

Frying Pan.

In a frying pan, spray a thin coat of cooking spray, add your orange juice, salt, pepper, and a drizzle of honey on with the orange juice mixture.

Flatten out chicken thighs in frying pan, so they cook evenly. Place a lid on the top of the frying pan for about ten minutes.

Remove lid and flip chicken let chicken cook for about five minutes without the lid. Flip chicken again and place lid back on the top of the frying pan and cook for about five-six minutes.

When chicken is done cooking move frying pan to another burner and keep lid on.

Choose any vegetable you like when making this chicken recipe. I prefer Bird’s Eye Steam Fresh Mashed Cauliflower and Steam Fresh Sweet Potatoes with Delmonte diced mangos.

Quarantined, Trying Not To Feel Bored

Washing my hands for 20 seconds, washing everything with Clorox, Lysol, and Windex, and almost feeling like a bump on a log sitting on the couch working on the computer, drawing, and crochet.

Talking to family on the phone, my dad being sick in the hospital and not able to visit him because hospitals on lockdown, life has been rough and upside down.

With being quarantined for the last couple of weeks with this coronavirus outbreak, not going out much other then to the grocery store and maybe the occasional art supplies.

Putting life back together, I’ve been rethinking my whole blog/website.

Wanting to put my focus more on my artwork, I’ve decided to wipe the slate clean and make a fresh start with my blog.

All my artwork photos are listed in my new art portfolio, recipes will be listed with my food portfolio, and all life posts will be displayed on my blog with new projects.

If I write posts like these, you’ll see a photo of something that makes me happy!