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Mingle Menu: Tomato And Mozzarella Salad

With summer here and wanting to eat light meals, this delicious recipe is great meal alone or with chicken, fish, pork, or steak. Great for lunch or dinner. Ingredients 2-3 Tomatoes 1/2 Of Red Onion Sun Dried Tomatoes Mozzarella Balls Olives With Feta Cheese Kalamata Olives One Large Plate Olive Oil And Balsamic Vinegar Or Your Favorite Dressing Instructions Depending on how big the tomatoes and onion is, slice them into small to medium size pieces and add to plate. Measure out the amount of sundries tomatoes, mozzarella, and olives you like in the top of your tomatoes. Drizzle olive oil or your favorite dressing on the top and enjoy. Tips Pick out your favorite kind of tomato, whether it’s red or heirloom tomatoes. If you don’t like onion, substitute with basil. If you don’t like olives, just use mozzarella or any kind of cheese you like. Be creative and enjoy! Advertisements

Mingle Menu: Tomato Salad With Chicken Sausage

Ingredients And Tools: 1 Large Heirloom Tomato, Tomato Color Of Your Choice. 1/4 Container Of Mozzarella Balls. 1/2 Of A Red Onion. 1-2 Packages Of Alfresco Pre Cooked Chicken Italian Sausage. 1/4 Container Of Kalamata Olives. 1/4 Container Of Sicilian Olives With Fetta Cheese. Fresh Basil. Balsamic Dressing Or Any Dressing You Prefer. Frying Pan. Large Platter. Instructions: In a frying pan, brown up your pre cooked sausage (if you buy regular chicken sausage, cooking time may take a bit longer).  When sausage is done browning or cooking, slice sausage into small pieces. Slice your tomato and place on a large platter with your sliced onion, mozzarella balls, olives and basil.  Add sausage on the top of your tomatoes.  Enjoy with a tossed salad or alone. Tips: Instead Of Sausage, Substitute With Pork, Chicken, Or Fish. Mozzarella Balls And Olives Can Be Found In The Cheese Department And Party Platter Department Of Your Grocery Store. Instead Of Making One Huge Salad With Meat, Make Salad And Serve Meat On The Side. If You Don’t Like …

Hello Thanksgiving 2017

Dear Friends: Sorry Sow’s Ear Studio and I haven’t posted in a while, but we’re almost at the end of moving 1597 Union Street to 867 Warner Road. It’s been a long hall with the move and 20+ years of wonderful memories at a wonderful location. Now it’s time to make new memories with our online business back home. For the month of November, the Prock family had two wonderful Thanksgivings. First Thanksgiving was celebrated with the D’Alberto family at Galway Lake, New York. Uncle Larry cooked the most wonderful meal and I brought mashed sweet potatoes and mashed cauliflower with spinach. The original Thanksgiving day was celebrated back home in Niskayuna and Mazzone Hospitality prepared our meal. A perfect meal for 10 people, we had lots of leftovers and enough for a few days. After Thanksgiving, it was time to get back to packing and cleaning up what we brought home. With a little bit of time on my hands, I was able to make the annual Jib Jab video for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, …