New Friend On The Front Porch, At The Shop

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After stopping at Gershon’s Deli this morning to get a breakfast wrap, I was walking up the front porch of the shop a baby bird flew through the window and landed in the porch box.  The bird seemed a little stunned, but managed to stand up and stood up.  I looked to make sure it was okay and the bird didn’t seem to be afraid of me.  I was lucky I had my phone on my and I took some pictures of the bird in the porch box.

I was more curious, so the stroked the bird on the top of the head.  The bird seemed comfortable, so I stroked the bird on it’s head, back, and picked up the bird.  Placed the bird on my finger, and the bird felt comfortable enough to stay.  I grabbed more pictures of this lovely, wild, creature and decided to blog about it.  Now the bird loves this porch box and is currently taking a snooze with the poring rain.  Wish I had some crackers to feed it, but feeding it would only encourage more birds to come and more of a mess to clean up.  Glad I was able to grab this many pictures in a short amount of time, bird is still on the porch.

In spite of the fact that we’ll be moving our business at the end of the July, I’ll miss the shop, but I grab, save, and share as many memories as I can.  See a new blog post tomorrow night after Strawberry Fest 2017.  All my handmade crochet and polymer clay items have been discounted, along with Rosemary’s painted items.  Grab a great gift, at a sweet and descent price.  You have until the end of July.

Author: Lauren Prock

When Writing The Story Of Your Life, Don't Let Anyone Else Hold The Pen.

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